The ACS School Uniform consists of the following:

Teal or white polo embroidered with school name

Teal polo for ALL fieldtrips

Khaki/tan pants, shorts, skirt, jumper

Gray ACS sweatshirt

Socks, tights, leggings and long sleeved shirts worn during cold days are white, grey or beige/tan.

On Fridays, students can wear the Adelante Charter School T-Shirt!

 If your child is not in school uniform or not following the dress code, parents will be contacted.
After the third time your student has not complied with the dress code he/she will lose the privilege of Free Dress Friday.

Neatness in appearance and appropriateness of dress are required at all times.  All uniform shirts must be embroidered with the school name.

School uniforms are to be worn on a daily basis except for the last Friday of the month, which is designated as Free Dress Friday.

School uniforms (TEAL Polo) must be worn on ALL fieldtrips.  If Free Dress Friday falls on a day of a fieldtrip, students must still wear their teal polo.

Hairstyle and hair color may not be distracting to the learning environment.  For example, no Mohawks, shaved designs, etc.

Face, hands and arms should be free of any decoration, tattoos or coloring. No make-up may be worn or brought to school.

Athletic or simple, covered shoes are required for school.  Feet must be covered within the shoe.  Sandals, platforms, and skate (heelies) shoes are unacceptable.

Oversized clothing is not permitted.  Hats are allowed on the playground as protection from the sun and on field trips as long as they are appropriate.

Sweatpants, blue jeans and camouflage pants are not part of the school uniform.


Adelante Dress Code Power Point