Daily Schedule

School starts at 8:00am for all Adelante students. Kindergarten dismissal is at 2:30pm and 1st-6th grade dismissal is at 3:00pm. Every Thursday is early release and all students are dismissed at 1:00pm.


Adelante is a charter school and for this reason regular school attendance is a requirement. Our success as a charter school is dependent upon strong student attendance. We recognize the positive impact that regular school attendance has on student achievement. As parents/guardians you play a key role in helping your child be successful. It is important to understand that students with excessive absences and or tardies will be asked to leave Adelante and enroll in another school.

Absence Policy

When a student is absent, please call the school office (not the classroom teacher) on the morning of the absence. Parents may leave a message on the Attendance Clerk’s voicemail (966-7392 ext. 1116).  Parents have 24 hours to verify an absence before it’s marked as an unexcused absence.

If a student is absent only part of the day, he/she must report to the office for an admission slip to class. A student who is late due to a dental/medical appointment should provide the school office with documentation verifying appointment.

Tardy Policy

All students must be on time for school. Students arriving late often miss important beginning-of-the-day information that is relevant to their education.  Arriving on-time is aligned with our Tribes agreement of mutual respect as we expect our students to respect their school, their teachers and their learning. Students who are not in the classroom at 8:00 a.m. will be considered tardy.  Tardy students must report to the office for a tardy stamp. All tardies are recorded and are reported on progress reports and on the final report card.  Students that arrive after 8:30am with no excuse are considered to be “Truant”. A habitually truant student jeopardizes their spot at Adelante.

Tardy consequences are as follows:

First and second tardy= Warning

Third, fourth and fifth tardy= Loss of recess and student will need to complete a tardy form. The form must be returned to the teacher with a parent signature the following day.

Sixth tardy= Loss of recess and Teacher /Parent Conference

Seventh tardy= 1 day suspension

Eighth tardy= 1 day suspension and referral to Student Attendance Review Team.

Student Sign Out

ACS is a closed campus and students are not allowed to leave campus during school hours for any reason unless accompanied by an adult and properly signed out.  Parents picking up their child from school early must first go to the office, sign the student out in the Sign out log and state the reason for the early release.  After obtaining a checkout slip the parent may go to the child’s classroom to gather their belongings and leave campus. In the event that a student is leaving school habitually early, teachers inform the Principal who schedules a meeting with parents.  Please schedule doctor appointments after school hours or during vacations.