Parents have a critical role at Adelante, and they are the secret to the amazing community that has grown around Adelante. Student success is dramatically boosted by parent participation.

Parent Teacher School Organization

friendsThe PTSO (Parent Teacher School Organization) of Adelante Charter School is a committee representative of parents and school staff. Parents who participate in PTSO find that being a part of this committee is a great way to be in partnership with the school. This committee drives the fund-raising events and has an annual fundraising goal of $40,000. These funds support the art and dance program, increase student access to technology, provide classroom fieldtrips, provide instructional materials and support a clean campus.

PTSO Events

Día de los Muertos the first Sunday in November.

Much of our teacher, parent and PTSO communication take place on our ParentSquare website. If you are a parent, you should already have an account on Please contact us if you need an account or if you are having trouble using Parentsquare.

School-Family Partnership

facesOur educational philosophy affirms the vital role that parents play in the success of their child’s education and that of the school. Parents are seen as essential partners with the school, involved in every aspect including school governance.

Family involvement in a child’s education has a higher correlation with academic success than any other factor external to the school, including the educational status and socio-economic status of the family. Student performance is improved when parents are knowledgeable about the school and its programs, have timely information about their child’s performance, frequently interact with the teachers, and are able to support their child at home.
To this end, every Adelante family enters into a partnership with the school consisting of a mutual obligation for support, for the ultimate benefit of the child.  Parents may volunteer in a variety of ways not limited to the following: assisting in the preparation of materials, working with small groups of students in classrooms, supervising students during recess, chaperoning field trips, improving and maintaining the campus, fundraising, serving on the Board of Directors, helping with internal communications, participating and helping with school events, and participating in school committees. Parents will also have the option of providing service outside the school day. Parents are also expected to commit to the following:

  • Attend parent conferences, three each year
  • Attend Back to School Night
  • Bring child to school on time and pick-up child on time

In addition to providing an outstanding educational program for the whole child, Adelante will:

  • Provide parent workshops to inform and empower parents of English language learners to become advocates for their children
  • Regularly provide feedback to parents regarding their child’s academic progress
  • Advise monolingual parents on issues related to supporting their child’s linguistic development in the non-home language
  • Provide translators for all school meetings and events and all program to home communications
  • Provide regular newsletters with tips, news, and featured students’ work
  • Connect parents to other services and agencies in the community to support the family’s health and wellness, family literacy, and address other family needs
  • Help parents utilize technological tools critical for communication and information acquisition

We value parent participation in the education of your children, and we are happy to work with you to find additional ways you can use your skills to become involved in the school.

We have additional pages for parents including online resources, our Dress Code, Healthy Food Policy and Attendance Policy

The Parent Handbook is now ready. You can find it here