Our Educational Program

Field work

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Charter School Adelante offers K-6 educational program Spanish / English TWI, which is committed to cultivating academic excellence in both languages, celebrate multiculturalism, innovation, creativity and the arts, while promoting the development of a learning community in which students and adults use effective communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills and prepare themselves to succeed in the global economy of the twenty-first century. We implement the model TWI 90:10, in which 90% of instructional minutes are given in Spanish for all students in kindergarten and 1st grade. From 2nd to 4th, instructional time in English increases year after year until they reach 5th and 6th where Spanish and English are used equally in a 50/50 ratio.

We provide the atmosphere of a small school with a family feel. Our positive school culture is supported in all classrooms through the use of Community Learning program, TRIBES *. The family-school collaboration is a critical component to our current and future success. All our families have made a conscious decision to support their children to become bilingual students literate in two languages and different cultures learners. We provide multiple avenues of support, both for parents who speak English and those who speak Spanish. As a focused language school, the academic program Adelante special emphasis on the development of literacy, listening, speaking, reading and writing in both languages. Literacy activities are interwoven in all subjects in the curriculum. All classrooms daily support voluntary reading as well as structured arts instruction language, with emphasis on reading and writing across the curriculum. Our teachers have recently adopted a recognized writing curriculum * Columbia University Teachers College, which is used in all grades.


Students studying chemistry at UCSB

As we transition to the new Common Core State Standards, continuing our intensive studies plan progress in science, math, technology, social studies and language arts. Our programs in science and math * emphasize hands -on learning, student – centered, relevant solving real – world problems, inquiry and ongoing opportunities for interaction with the natural world. Adelante provides early exposure to students and repeated experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ( «STEM»), subject to cultivate interest both the future and the future aptitude subjects STEM *. Students in all grades participate in numerous excursions, including trips where they spend the night as the Monterey Aquarium, Wishtoyo Chumash Village and the Marine Institute of the Catalina Islands. Our sixth graders are able to cultivate their curiosity about the natural world through our partnership with the «Wilderness Youth Project (WYP)», a program that takes half the class to have contact with nature every two weeks . Partnering with local organizations such as the Cheadle Center UCSB for Biodiversity and Ecological Education (Children in nature: «KIN»), SciTrek and Multicultural Education on issues that threaten the resources of the oceans ( «MERIT Academy») provide experiences field where children work with researchers who serve as mentors and guiding their young minds through the scientific process. Forward promotes health, wellness and nutrition through gardening activities program and our vigorous physical education *. The strong commitment Forward to arts education is demonstrated when students train their minds and bodies with teaching dance in school , * expressing their creativity in our visual arts program, * and raising their voices together in the program popular music * Adelante.

If you are looking for a bilingual educational experience for your child, which combines academic excellence with a focus on preparing your child to succeed in a global community, consider Adelante Charter School. Call us or visit our school for more information. We love to show people how special our school!


Our Philosophy of Education

Our community ACS believes that «… the best scenario for the education of language minority students – and one of the best for the education of any student – is a school in which two languages are used unapologetically and where being competent in both languages is considered a significant intellectual and cultural achievement. «(Charles L. Glenn, 1990).

We are dedicated to inspire every child to understand and realize their unique potential. It is fundamental to our educational philosophy the belief that children learn best when:

  • There is a high level of expectations for all
  • Students become active participants and not just receivers of their education.
  • A positive school culture develops respecting diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Parents and the community are seen as key partners.
  • The language and culture of all families are valued and accepted.
  • Students are provided an environment of positive and respectful learning.
  • Students take responsibility for their actions, choices and learning.
  •  cooperation and positive interaction among peers is facilitated.
  • Students are offered significant high quality instruction.
  • Students have the opportunity to use technology to access and share knowledge across content areas.
  • Teachers reflect and differentiate based on student needs instruction.
  • The teachers are given time to collaborate and plan the formative evaluation based on instruction and student needs.
  • The teachers and staff are provided with high quality professional learning to ensure that they are implementing best practices and current research.


Programs only in Adelante

*TRIBES : Teachers are trained in the program Learning Community TRIBES and use the program to create a positive socio-emotional climate in the classroom and throughout the school. Four basic agreements are the basis of this program, including listening carefully, value / no offense, mutual respect and the right to pass. Through a variety of personal and academic contexts, students are guided to explore their relationships with others and create a safe and healthy environment. Cooperation, setting goals and monitoring progress become group processes that ensure that everyone’s voice is valued and respected. TRIBES is the heart of our positive culture throughout the school that recognizes all students and cultivate young citizens who value empathy, justice and leadership.

* Project schoolteachers read and write, study units (Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Units of Study): Our teachers cultivate the passion of students to express themselves through writing. Students learn to take pride in seeing themselves as authors of published regularly. We have recently adopted «Units of study» Lucy Calkins, curriculum writing and a Writers Workshop process to strengthen and improve our program. This is a program that has long supported many of the same objectives of the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and has shown great development results through each grade level in writing opinion / argument, information and story the students. Our teaching writing Adelante uses this method based on research with your specific curriculum for curriculum and pedagogy of each grade and thus support our young writers as they develop their critical thinking skills and learn to express themselves fluently in Spanish and in English.

* Mathematical program learning context (Contexts for Learning Mathematics Program) : Our partnership with the Department of Mathematics, UCSB began in 2005. The math teacher Bill Jacob, director of the Research Center of Mathematics, is co-author and has developed a research – based grade level curricula – Contexts for Learning Mathematics. This learning approach based on research, supports teachers to develop a strong number sense and algebra for students in grades K-6 thought. Through professional learning experiences, our teachers have improved their ability to support each student as they build their own important ideas about math, using the tools and strategies that are relevant and meaningful to them. While the mathematical context of learning program is not an independent study plan includes many units relevant context and problems and creates a community where teachers support students to develop as young mathematicians. In our TWI program, it puts a special emphasis on supporting the way students communicate their ideas with peers through speech and writing. As students become so familiar with pattern recognition within the context of the real world, they are more adept at recognizing these connections across the curriculum, especially in science.

*STEM (Science, Technlogía, Engineering, Mathematics): Forward is committed to providing an articulated with literacy development approach STEM K-6. Students are offered a full year of science supported by research and a math program that has as its foundation the incorporation of projects and problem – based elements including engineering and design learning. Language Arts is carefully integrated into the science instruction. This supports the development of reasoning supported by evidence and explanations building, which begin in kindergarten. Forward pays special attention to development of environmental practical knowledge, fostering curiosity and connecting children and their learning experiences with the natural world whenever possible. Adelante offers students the opportunity to develop their own identity as STEM learners through these important experiences and practice in science, mathematics and engineering. Henceforth, K-6 teachers use the curriculum  Full Option Science System ( «FOSS»), while in 6th grade this is complemented by the GEMS / OSS program a sequence in science over the ocean. The alliance with various organizations, including UCSB enhances learning opportunities for students.

* Physical Education: Forward places great importance on the value of physical education for our students. All students receive 100 minutes of physical education per week and participate in the development of a variety of athletic skills and play games to develop strength, endurance, speed and agility. Naturally, our Physical Education program is driven to teach the value and development of a sportsmanship. Each class is challenged to demonstrate and maintain a high level of cooperative play and participation. Students are prepared for success and reward in different ways through challenges and new experiences.

* Dance Institute Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Dance Institute):  The Adelante Charter School has benefited from its association with SBDI for nine years. SBDI’s mission is «… to help children to be diciplinados, develop a standard of excellence and believe in themselves, all this will serve them in all aspects of their lives.» (http://www.sbdi.org). Forward, we have witnessed how students in each class have changed with the discipline of dance. Students receive an introduction to dance, many of them for the first time and experience the excitement of working together as a team with high expectations towards the year – end presentation. All students in third and fourth grade participate in this program for 50 minutes once a week throughout the year, using half the weekly time allocated to physical education. Students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade students also have the opportunity to enroll in the (Super wonderful and Talented) SWAT program after school with which they can participate in special community events throughout the city and also participate as stellar veteran dancers big show at the end of the year.

* Program ICAN visual arts: Art education is a fundamental value in Adelante and one of which has been essential to the culture of our school. We have had the great fortune to work with «Incredible Children’s Art Network» (ICAN) since its founding in 2005. The mission of ICAN is to bring art programs of high quality for children in the county of Santa Barbara, in particular those who are less likely to receive them . Through the support of creative learning opportunities that emphasize artistic excellence and access ICAN seeks to influence positive social change in the communities it serves. ( Http://icsnsbc.org/ ). The quality of teaching art in iCAN and their projects are exceptional and this can be checked by visiting our art room or one of our annual art exhibitions. iCAN currently serves students in grades one through six and Adelante is one of eight schools in Santa Barbara who benefit from this program. Students benefit from studying and creating art with a highly trained teaching artist and an assistant art ICAN in the art room. The vast majority of students attending the charter school Adelante quickly choose the art program as one of the greatest experiences in school through the years. First – hand contact with students in this program supports the research: participation in art provides students a boost for wellness and cognitive development that directly impacts their academic success in school.

* Art in Kindergarten: Students in kindergarten classes attend art class every week where they develop their perception and vocabulary of visual art, while developing their creative expression. Kindergarten students make their first autorretrato– an annual project as a student at Adelante. Please note that with the funds raised by the PTSO art class kindergarten is paid.

*Music: Students learn about musical concepts and learn to play instruments that are appropriate for their grade level. Special attention to multicultural games and traditional songs, which are very much agree with the mission of our school is given. Our music school presentations are lively events where student performance brings together the whole community and surprised the audience with songs and performances that have been studying perfection. Music class is taught by the music teacher, Sandra Limón.