Visting my parents in Medellín, Colombia

Hi and welcome to my webpage! My name is Señorita Sander and I am one of the two third grade teachers here at Adelante Charter School. It is my pleasure to start another year here at a school that has so much love and hope to give.

I was born in the small town of Kingsburg, California. When I was four years old, my family moved to Santa Fe de Bogotá in Colombia, South America. For the next 14 years I lived in Colombia. This is where I learned my Spanish and was in a bilingual school system. I know firsthand the challenges that come with learning two languages. I understand what is like to think in one language and then speak in another. But my education in Colombia was not just academic. I was also taught about Colombian and Latin cultures. I love the food, the typical dances, the people, the language, the diverse regions of the country, and everything that has to do with Colombia and the Latinos. I am Colombian at heart.

Eating mazorca

When I graduated from high school in 2004, I moved back to California to attend the University of California, Davis. Here I studied and obtained my Bachelors of Studies in Human Development and Chicano Studies. I had the opportunity to work in many school in the Sacramento area. I also studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico where I fell in love this time with Mexican culture.  After undergraduate studies,  I graduated in 2009 with my bilingual teaching credential from UC Davis. In 2010, I completed my Masters in Education coursework. This will be my third year teaching, and my second year at Adelante Charter School.

I love teaching children in two languages.

I love travelling, especially to and in Colombia.

I love reading all sorts and genres of books.

I love dancing and love feeling the Latin beat of my heart when the music plays.

I love to be outside and enjoy nature and sunshine.

I love to make up songs and plays to present in class.

And most of all I love being one of the teacher at Adelante Charter School!


If you have any questions please send me an email:


Class rule/list of rules and procedures:

In our classroom, as well as the entire school, we have four

1. Mutual Respect.

2. Attentive Listening.

3. Right to Pass/ Active Participation.

4. Appreciation/ No Put Downs


Field trips:


“Field trips enable teachers to expand children’s learning beyond the

walls of the classroom into the vast community outside. They provide children with experiences that cannot be duplicated in the school, but are nonetheless an integral part of school instruction. …..a field trip can best be described as a living laboratory in which learning is acquired through active, hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community.”

Anderson, Heather. “A River Runs Through It: Art Education and a River

Environment,” Art Education, November, 2000 (p. 13-18).

Field trip rules:

We are representing the Adelante community when we are out on a field trip and students are expected to follow the classroom rules outside in the community. Therefore we have the one strike and you’re out rule. If a student misbehaves on a field trip they are not allowed to go to the next field trip. They will need to stay at school with a different classroom teacher.


Homework Policy:

Homework is designed primarily to provide the practice that children need when learning to read, write, learn math procedures, and support the learning of a second language. Homework is meant to provide independent practice of skills that have been taught in the classroom. Parents should make sure students complete their homework and their reading each night. In third grade homework is given on Monday in the blue homework folder and needs to be completed and returned on Friday morning.


How we celebrate student success:

Every child will be the star of the week. They will make a five-minute presentation about themselves, their peers will get a chance to ask them questions, and they will receive a book as a gift from their peers with personal letters.

Every time students work together as a team they earn stars on our star chart. When they reach 100 stars students get to plan their 100 Star Party. Last year the students planned parties like, pizza parties, pancake and pajama parties, reading parties, and dance parties to give a few examples.

Students earn a sticker every week they turn in their homework on time. When they earn 6 stickers they get to choose a gift from the prize box or have lunch with the teacher.


How parents can volunteer in your classroom: 

Parents are welcome anytime! We have an open door policy at Adelante. Parents should contact the teacher if they can come in on the same time and same day each week so the teacher can plan small groups or one on one tutoring.

If parents have small children and cannot volunteer in the classoom they can take work that the teacher provides to the Family Center and work in there.

Please do not come and interrupt the class while lessons are being taught. Our students can be very easily distracted. If you need to talk to the teacher you can stop by before or after school, email, or leave a message at the office. We will get back to you at the earliest convenience.


Parents can also volunteer on our field trips. Here is a list of our tentative fieldtrips this year. We will post the dates as soon as they become available:

Pumpkin Patch

Museum of Art

The Watershed – November 30 8:30-1:30pm

Natural History Museum

SB Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium- May 23 and May 24


Links for parents and students to access from home:





Language Arts:


Social Studies:

Srta. Sander and Srta. Santillán