Dear Students and Families,

I am happy to be the fifth grade teacher again this year in room 113.

I am very much looking forward to working with this group of students and their families. I love being a bilingual teacher at Adelante Charter School helping to fulfill our mission of being bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate.

I am also excited to be part of the KIN (Kids in Nature ) program based at UCSB which is an awesome, hands-on science program that works only with 5th graders providing students with a year-long dynamic combination of hands-on, inquiry-based, classroom activities, and field trips to UCSB’s Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, Coal Oil Point Reserve, Arroyo Hondo Preserve and the REEF (Research Experience and Education Facility) to name a few. 

I am looking forward to our time together because I can already see that we have a fantastic group of children. And with your continued help, and support we can make this year a continued success. 


I also want to inform you that his year we are focusing on TRIBES learning communities to create a postive and safe campus climate.  Our basic class rules will be based on the core agreements:

Attentive Listening

Mutual Respect

Appreciations & No Put Downs 

Active Participation & The Right to Pass

Homework Policy:

Homework is designed primarily to provide the practice that children need when learning to read, write, learn math procedures, and support the learning of a second language. Homework is meant to provide independent practice of skills that have been taught in the classroom. Parents should help to make sure students complete their homework and their reading each night.

How parents can volunteer in my classroom: 

Parents are welcome anytime but for the sake of keeping instruction time sacred we prefer that parents inform the teacher prior to stopping by to help. We have an open door policy at Adelante. Parents should contact the teacher if they can come in on the same time and same day each week so the teacher can plan small groups or one on one tutoring.

If parents have small children and cannot volunteer in the classroom they can take work that the teacher provides to the Family Center and work in there or take work that can be completed at home. Parents can also volunteer on our field trips. This is another wonderful opportunity to share new experiences with your child, and is a wonderful help to me and to our fieldtrip coordinators.  

More information regarding procedures and other information will be posted here in the near future.

Yes we can!

Maestra Curiel

P.S. I invite you keep an open line of communication between us through email:, by phone: (805) 966-7392 x 1313, or by appointment.